Diamonds do winning 2018/19

Picture this, Southgate Hockey Club on a crisp April morning,10:30 push back, THD Diamonds take on Chiswick M4s in the LHL Div 6 Cup final. 

We had met Chiswick twice in the season, a 2-0 loss a tight 2-2 draw meant the swing-o-meter of momentum was pointing towards a win. 

It must be said, we were due to play Indian Gymkhana, however they were disqualified for a breach of the gentleman’s agreement so Chiswick progressed to the final. 

The first half was an explosion of aggressive hockey, real end to end stuff, no team was willing to back down. Will was running around like an excited puppy, Truman was controlling his defenders like like the puppet master he is and Angus was doing shuttle runs up and down the side-lines supporting his teammates. 

We went into the half at 0-0, knowing that if the result was a draw there would be a barrage of flicks, we wanted to avoid that. Will took his top off (obviously) and told us what we needed to do, putting silverware out of our minds, this was just another game of hockey for us to play. 

The second half was tight as every until our token Fulham resident, Max, stood up to the mark and scored the first, chipping it over the keeper who was on the floor from a previous rebound. 

With our tails up, we pushed for one more, after disrupting a Chiswick 16, it was 2 on 1 in the D, showing the level of maturity the Diamonds had been playing with that season, we drew the keeper in, passing teh ball to Alex, who showing no style or flair, guided the ball into the backboard. 

Chiswick came back hard, they were not done, some furious defending for what felt like an eternity until the delightful sound of the full-time whistle blew, we were champions, the best of the worst, the undisputed LHL Div 6 cup winners. Credit  to Chiswick, they had played well all season, and were a truely brilliant team to play, representing the values of hockey.

After the game, there were handshakes, hugs and emotions as many of the team came to the heart-breaking realisation that this was the last time that the Diamonds as we know it would play together as we go into the 2019-20 season.

Later, Jos tried to look cool in front of some youths and broke his motorbike, so he parked up, locked his bike and joined the team for many a more tinniests, his new hockey dad was not impressed. 

The Diamonds, the envy of the club.