Masters (O50) ‘master’ the league, again

Club Captain Alex reflects on the continued success of the Musketeers.

The end of the season was marred by the outbreak of Covid-19, rather than hockey we were all thinking about wfh, home schooling and toilet paper. The season came to a premature and abrupt end and like many other leagues, the London hockey league had to decide how to work out a winner. This meant our Musketeers (Masters O50s side), were denied that moment of celebration, that joyous last game where at the final whistle they know they won the league.

Worry not because after the adjustment of points the Musketeers topped Division 1 with 78 points. Meaning that for the second year in a row I got a WhatsApp from skipper Tim claiming that his side are once again the best over 50s team in the country, based on the fact that the LHL O50 league is the highest level of O50 hockey in country.

Having umpired and watched several their games, I can see why. Where some of the team might lack in speed, agility, and hamstrings, they make up in precision, perception and passing.

Well done gents, now can you do it for a third year in a row?